Canvas, which is, weaved elaborately. Besides that, it is eliminate and select the black spots of the fabric as much as possible.
The shoe is the most natural by Off-White color. Every works is being articulate and stitching by meticulous skilled craftsman of Thailand.This is unique of Minimal Natural Style.


A natural rubber is mixed by secret recipe, which be more tough and elastic plus highly durable. We adjust its tone to the same of canvas. As you can see from the unique pattern of rubber flooring and stripes, just like no other. The unique of shoes would be rubber edge with rough parts that could be formed by hand following by method of baking or vulcanizing. That process makes shoes’ rubber flexible and comfortable to wear even more.

made with heart

“ Made with Heart " is so important concept to make our sneakers. We are always convey this concept to our craftsmen, the sewing, the rubber formulation, the articulation rubber, vulcanize and other parties involved. We intend to improve the quality of handmade shoes production of Thailand to be recognized around the world. We don’t want to sell our sneakers at a high price because our craftsmen intend to make high quality Thai handmade sneakers to everyone, especially Thai people.  

M o r e ' s  F r i d a y  F a c t o r y



This is our Original Edition, which we intend to present the concept of Minimal Natural Style. The identities are the natural colors of fabric and rubber, which is a perfect blend. Including the softness and flexibility of the In-Sole that made from natural rubber

More's friday x scrubb Limited edition

The Minimal Design is what we define as the inspiration of this Edition. As you can see the features is More’s Friday’s Logo’s color which is Off-White then the logo is getting to be cleared by time. 

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Take It ! Believe that the natural never gives everything in first touch.