O u r   S t o r y

   “ More’s Friday ” is Thai sneakers brand that started with infatuation and passion to make handmade sneakers. We believe that it’s not only a business but also run by friendship with intention and enjoy together.

M e e t   T h e   F o u n d e r s

More’s Friday was started from friendship of 3 guys and 1 girl in April 2014. We love “ handmade ” crafts by “minimal ” design and made from “ natural ” materials. That is why our concept is “ Minimal & Natural Style” handmade sneakers.  
We seem to be the first start creating handmade sneakers produced in Thailand. We intend to enhance Thai handmade sneakers to be known more. We try and try to invent flexible and soft rubber, minimal quality shoelace, use the highest quality natural canvas and also natural canvas color (off-white), the color of thread and outsole must be harmonious. The featured of our sneakers is the color under the sole. At first, our sneakers sole is only “Blue” like Friday color as our brand’s name “ More’s Friday ”. In the other hand we also love “Red”. This is a story of our first edition. We call our blue is “ Blue : Friday ” and red is “ Red : Bear Blood ”. So, the first edition we have 2 colors, Blue and Red. We love our sneakers so much like our child. We did it by our heart. So we named the first edition is “ HEART ”  
The 2nd edition, “ HEART 2 ”, we develop all materials, add some details to be more handmade and we launched new color “ Green : Sa-Phan-Put ” And now the 3rd edition, “ HEART 3 ”, we work so hard for this edition. we put our effort to develop insole and outsole by using natural rubber with the strength, durability but still flexible and changed eyelets color to off-white. Now we have all 3 colors
- Blue : Friday
- Red : Bear Blood
- Green : Sa-Phan-Put