Inspired by the character switching from the “ HEART “ edition by moving the letter “ H “ to the last letter of the word to become “ EARTH “. This inspiration led to the design of the rubber colour to be Earth Tone. We use Muted Colours, which is a tone of the colour of nature. The colours are not flashy and not too prominent.

When you look “From the Outside of Earth” you’ll see
- Navy: Water
- Dried Herb: Plant
- Din Daeng: Land

In this edition, we developed a new sneakers mold to enhance the slender look. The simple stitching but noticeable is a unique feature of More's Friday. Including a special rubber blended with softness of the insole and developed the bottom of outsole to be good adhesion, durable and comfortable to wear.

Every step of the way you will experience is the quality of sneakers that made by Thai craftsmen and also made with heart.

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