This is our "Original Edition" that we intend to present the concept of Minimal Natural Style.
The identities are the natural colour of fabric and rubber, which is a perfect blend. Including the softness and flexibility of the In-Sole that made from natural rubber and eyelets to the off-white colour.

Heart 4 :
Real production started in August 2017, but over a year ago that we tried to develop materials and added a new function through over 100 pairs of sneakers to get better all over. We combined recycled rubber and still be handmade sneakers concept in the style of More's Friday.
1. Material: Recycled rubble as insole.
2. Function: Developed an insole model to support your feet to be " Normal Arch ", more comfortable, tighten and still get on well with the Asian wide feet.
3. Shape: Adjusted sneakers shape back to the original shape in 2014 to be more slender and fit to your feet.

Inspiration to Colour & Name
- “ Blue : Friday ” The first colour of our brand is blue like Friday colour as our brand’s name “ More’s Friday ”
- “ Red : Bear Blood ” The second colour, Red, first of all we set the colour to crimson but not. So finally we called it “Red Bear Blood”
- “ Green :
 Sa-Phan-Put ” Sa-Phan-Put (The Memorial Bridge) is a bascule bridge over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand, connect the districts of Phra Nakhon and Thonburi. We all love the colour of this bridge, green, so that’s why we named the new colour is “ Green Sa-Phan-Put ”
What is a bout “ HEART ”

Heart 1 :
Production started in April 2014. This edition is the first release. We tried to use 100% natural fabric, Canvas, and 100% formulated natural rubber authentic by screen logo side shoes. This edition, the sole colour are "Blue Friday" and "Red Bear Blood". Highlights of this edition are "the flexibility of the rubber is very high" and "lightweight".

Heart 2 :
Production began in May 2016. We take time so much for developing this edition to provide users but still be our concept.
1. Selected natural canvas that strength and almost no black dots
2. Instead of logo screening side of sneakers, we want our sneakers to be more handmade craft by changed from screening to embroidery
3. We Developed rubber with a balance of flexibility, lightness, comfort and longer lifespan. This is typical of our special rubber formulations through a fine vulcanized.
4. Improved plaited shoelace to be more durable and strong
5. We chose the ventilated canvas to be insole and increase the fiber lining under insole to make you feel more softness and fit to your feet.
6. Added high quality natural rubber to insole for softness
7. Shaped to more slender
8. We improved sneakers edge to be more minimal.
9. Added the sole with special rubber to adhesion surface more and colour stains can be washed out.
For Heart 2, we have 3 colours; Blue Friday, Red Bear Blood and the new one Green Sa-Phan-Put.

Heart 3 :
Production began in August 2016. This edition, we primarily focused on developing insole by adding more high quality rubber 2 layers. It makes you feel more “soft touch”, “flexible”, “fit to your feet” and “support your weight”. You won’t feel fatigue anymore when you wear it longer. This is a special of “natural rubber” can be, but not for “artificial rubber”. Moreover, to make our sneakers feel more minimal, we improved eyelets colour to off-white in order to harmony with natural canvas colour. The off-white eyelets can not be coated because the paint doesn’t stick to aluminium, so we have to spray the colour by hand. This process makes us feel so craft and so valuable. It makes us always feel and realize to our concept “Minimal Natural Style”